For allogeneic cell therapy developers, donor availability is a critical factor. Without a donor, there is no therapy. Watch this webinar to learn how groundbreaking AI-based approaches, like the NMDPSM Donor Readiness Score, can predict the availability of every registered donor and evaluate the predictive power during donor selection. 

Our expert panel will explain how to:

  • Predict an individual’s availability to move forward to donation
  • Enhance your accuracy and effectiveness in producing a candidate donor pool for cell source selection that would be available when called to donate
  • Improve multiple states of the cell therapy experience



Abeer Madbouly, PhD
Principal Bioinformatics Scientist

Martin Maiers
Vice President, Research

Jennifer McAtee
Lead Donor Search & Procurement
Stanford Health Care

Brian Shaffer, MD
Associate Member
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center 

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