Obtain cellular source material that can scale with you beyond R&D

While your therapy is in the research and process development phases, you need to determine the critical quality attributes for your source materials and the resulting therapy. Not question whether the results you achieve have been impacted by low-quality cellular source material.

You also need a source material partner who can grow and scale with you seamlessly as your therapy advances from R&D to process development and to clinical trials and beyond.

That’s what you get when you work with NMDP BioTherapies to obtain research use source material.

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Available RUO cellular source material products and services

We work with our partners to supply leukopak cellular source material along with other products and services including:

  • MNC-A
  • PBSC
  • Whole blood
  • Fresh products
  • Cryopreserved products
  • Testing services

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Partnering with NMDP BioTherapies from the start adds long-term value

Our team can help you understand how your cellular source material decisions today can affect your clinical and commercial scalability into the future.

As you transition to the clinic, our GMP-compliant source material will support engineering runs and clinical manufacturing. This allows you to design your engineering runs using the same processes you’ll use for your clinical trials.

We will work with you to understand your company’s needs and challenges and help to support your therapy development every step of the way.

Access additional services for cell therapy developers

NMDP Collection Bag

Allogeneic Cell Sourcing

Reliable source of healthy, screened adult donors for clinical trials and commercial therapies.

NMDP Microscope

Cord Blood Units for Source Material

Access to cryopreserved cord blood units for non-clinical, clinical and commercial use.

NMDP Handshake

Consulting Services for Sponsors

Pre-clinical and clinical trial design and support for allogeneic or autologous cell therapies.

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