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A client initiated a Phase I clinical trial for its allogeneic cell therapy. Several months in, limited success recruiting patients had led to an expensive lack of progress. The client engaged with the CIBMTR® Bioinformatics Consulting team through NMDP BioTherapies to identify U.S. states and counties with the highest density of patients and donors with specified HLA profiles.

In addition, they wanted to model match likelihoods and estimate available donors from multiple race groups to meet the demand of the target population.

With this valuable information, the client was able to make data-driven decisions to get the clinical trial back on track. However, had the client taken a different approach prior to initiating the clinical trial, the client could have saved substantial time and cost.

Download the case study to learn how an alternate approach using a combination of NMDP BioTherapies services can help clients save time and increase the likelihood of achieving their clinical trial recruitment efforts.