We save lives through cellular therapy together with you

When you work with our team at NMDP BioTherapies, you’ll quickly discover that “We save lives through cellular therapy” isn’t just talk. Our mission is to make sure that all people, irrespective of background, get the cell or gene therapy they need.

That’s why we partner with companies like yours. Companies that take this obligation seriously because people’s lives literally depend on our performance.

Discover how, together, we can empower the discovery, development and delivery of next-generation autologous and allogeneic therapies for patients.

We’ve provided successful cell therapy management and delivery for decades

When you’re choosing a solutions provider, cell therapy experience matters. Our team is part of NMDP — an organization with 35+ years of experience delivering time-critical cell therapies to patients.

Our leaders knew that if we harnessed the experience and relationships we developed over decades, we could help cell and gene therapy companies bring emerging therapies to patients sooner. And with that knowledge, they formed NMDP BioTherapies.

Since 2016, we have been partnering with cell and gene therapy companies to save more lives through cellular therapy.

Discover Our History

We offer industry-leading solutions that scale with you at every step

NMDP BioTherapies has established services and infrastructure that make us unique from others in the industry. Some focus just on the cell and gene therapy supply chain. Others focus only on cell sourcing. Our services cover the full end-to-end spectrum that your allogeneic or autologous cell and gene therapy company needs.

In fact, our services go beyond vein to vein. We support any stage of your cell therapy supply chain—from prior to the point of patient identification all the way through patient outcomes data collection.

Discover how our services can meet your company’s needs no matter your stage of therapy development.

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Advancing cell therapies for 30+ years


cell therapies facilitated

+ million

potential donors


ongoing studies and clinical trials

We’re driven by a common goal to save more lives through cellular therapy

Our NMDP BioTherapies leadership team brings a wealth of industry knowledge to support cell and gene therapy companies around the world.

Through their leadership, diverse skill set and proven track record, we can help you advance your therapy.

Together, we can help all people get the cell or gene therapy they need.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Our shared commitment to advance next-generation cell and gene therapies unites us

We’re proud to support the development of life-saving therapies sponsored by more than 50 cell and gene therapy companies. Our solutions power industry-leading commercialized therapies and build solid foundations for early-stage therapies advancing to market.

Our clients’ portfolio of products is diverse and includes:

  • CAR-T therapies
  • NK therapies
  • Engineered T-cell receptor therapies
  • Cord blood expansion
  • CTLs
  • iPSCs

Their aim is to treat diseases such as monogenic and orphan diseases, liquid and solid tumors, and primary immune deficiencies.

Discover Who We Work With

We partner with companies across the industry to bring philanthropic goals to life

The philanthropic accelerates the NMDP mission to save lives through cell therapy by:

  • Growing and diversifying our registry of potential allogeneic donors
  • Providing financial and programmatic support to patients and caregivers
  • Fueling research to improve outcomes for patients regardless of their background

As you prepare to bring your therapy to market, we invite you to explore opportunities to grow brand awareness and engage patients, physicians, employees and the greater cell therapy community.

We look forward to learning about your goals, sharing strategies to achieve them and welcoming you to our community of supporters.

“Our work together began years ago as NMDP helped us facilitate and execute our clinical trial program for omidubicel, and has continued through the FDA approval of our first commercial product, an allogeneic cell therapy donor source. The natural evolution has been to search out philanthropic and educational opportunities to partner with the NMDP Foundation to continue these important efforts. The alignment in values and goals makes our work together even more meaningful and important.

Together, we can make a difference as we work every day to save lives through transplant.”

– Nick Bayrakdarian
VP US Cell Therapy Operations

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