The promise allogeneic NK cell and iPSC therapies hold

Cell and gene therapy developers are pursuing allogeneic approaches, which ideally could be produced in greater quantities and be available “off-the-shelf.” Those using natural killer (NK) cells and cells derived from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) are creating buzz in the industry. Drs. Sarah Cooley, Stephen Gottschalk and Stephan Grupp offer their insights.

Creating scalable cell therapy collection processes

As a cell and gene therapy developer, your cell collection protocol requirements and specifications will impact your apheresis center network selection strategy and your ability to efficiently scale your processes. Any time your protocols or processes differ from those in place at a center, there are likely implications for training, forms and standard operating procedures (SOPs), which can delay your first collection.

Scaling cell therapy supply chains during a pandemic

Travel disruptions caused by COVID-19 have meant little more than delayed holidays or missed work meetings for most of us. They’re inconveniences, but hardly life-threatening challenges. But for patients who depend on cell therapies to provide potentially curative treatments, the pandemic’s canceled flights and closed borders have posed a real threat to their wellbeing. In…