Personalized Cell Therapy Supply Chain Case Management

High-touch case managers support the delivery of your cell therapy from the point of patient identification through infusion

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The development and management of a reliable supply chain is critical to the successful delivery of cell and gene therapies. Our experience in managing more than 100,000 stem cell transplants has proven that logistics management requires more than a software platform.

Unpredictable and unexpected disruptions can arise at any point in the supply chain, such as weather or a change in patient health status. Successful therapy delivery needs dedicated patient and/or donor case managers who oversee, coordinate, and if needed, troubleshoot logistics to ensure that starting material or manufactured products arrive on time, every time.

Our veteran cell therapy supply chain case managers can support your company by navigating the complexities of cell therapy delivery, including:
  • Creating patient- or therapy-specific therapy delivery plans
  • Tracking and verifying chain of custody, chain of identity and certificate of compliance
  • Coordinating and scheduling logistics, from cell collection to manufacture site to infusion
  • Ensuring adherence to the patient treatment timeline
  • Training for our industry-leading software, MatchSource®
  • Troubleshooting and providing solutions to unexpected challenges and disruptions
  • Providing 24/7 support, 365 days per year
We also have a team specially trained in allogeneic therapy logistics and dedicated to supporting donor activities, including:
  • Identifying and contacting potential donors
  • Managing the screening process to ensure donor suitability and eligibility
  • Obtaining full informed consent
  • Scheduling donation through our cell collection network
  • Coordinating logistics before, during and after donation
  • Providing regulatory support for applicable global and domestic requirements
  • Safeguarding donor privacy and health with strict internal standards