In this webinar, we focus on the scalability of donor starting material to support the growth and commercialization of allogeneic therapies. Throughout this discussion, we answer these questions on scalability and consistency in the allogeneic supply chain: What are the major gaps currently in the industry? How can we gain a better understanding of what makes an ideal starting material? How do we ensure donor centricity as we further develop allogeneic starting material supply chain processes?

Watch this webinar to learn how to navigate the predicted bottlenecks in the allogeneic supply chain. Familiarize yourself with the speed bumps in the industry to ensure efficiency within your supply chain as you move your therapies into later clinical phases and commercialization. This webinar focuses on looking ahead at the following challenges:

  • Future scalability of allo as a starting material
  • Troubleshooting the quality of a good donor
  • Varying difficulties found based on the cell therapy type
  • Differing challenges based on the type of material (e.g., cord blood unit, mobilized, vs non-mobilized)ell therapy industry grows.



Abby Waters, PhD
Senior Manager, Solutions Owner
NMDP BioTherapies

Dean A. Lee, MD, PhD
Physician, Hematology and Oncology
Director of the Cellular Therapy and Cancer Immunology Program
Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Mitch Banke
Manager, Donor Services
NMDP BioTherapies


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