A high-performing collection center network is essential to providing and delivering quality starting material for emerging cell and gene therapies. Learn about effective practices for building and maintaining collection networks in our on-demand webinar, Critical Components for Developing & Managing Expansive, High-Performing Collection Networks.

Amy Hines, BSN, RN, director, Collection Network Management, Be The Match BioTherapies®, shares her insight in a brief presentation, followed by a discussion between Hines and three industry experts:

  • Joe Vitale, PhD, director, Account Management, Hitachi Chemical Advanced Therapeutics Solutions
  • Sanjin Zvonić, PhD, vice president, Process Science and Manufacturing, WindMIL Therapeutics
  • Richard Smith, independent consultant, Be The Match BioTherapies

Topics include:

  • Proven practices for onboarding collection sites
  • Challenges associated with cell collection
  • How standardized processes can help ensure a high-quality collection of cell starting material for manufacture

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