Considerations for developing scalable and efficient collection network processes

The decisions you make when selecting apheresis centers to collect source material for your cell or gene therapy impact your ability to efficiently scale your processes. When your processes and protocols differ from those at an apheresis center, delays can occur. Following best practices can help.

Download this Q&A published by Cell and Gene Therapy Insights to get answers to questions like:

  • What considerations may have a large impact on scalability outside of processing requirements?
  • Is it a challenge to get a center to change its process to accommodate a protocol? If so, how would this be overcome?
  • What processing capabilities do sites have?
  • Why is standardization important to cell therapy collections?


You’ll get insights from:

Lacey Anderson
Manager, Operations
NMDP BioTherapies

Sara Butler
Senior Operations Specialist
NMDP BioTherapies

Allison Montalvo
Program Manager, Oncology
Janssen (a division of J&J)